From selecting the right name for your WordPress website to creating a first-rate visitor experience, this course shows you how you can build a WordPress website to gain more customers, strengthen your brand and generate more sales.

Inside the Course, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to select the right web hosting company and domain name.
  • How to select the right WordPress theme.
  • How to design the Website you want using WordPress like,, or
  • How to navigate the common tips that kills WordPress websites and avoid obvious mistakes.
  • How to do Search Engine Optimization & Keyword Research.
  • Create mouth-watering content that attracts your ideal audience.
  • Spread the word about your website – and build an email list just like mine.
  • How to track your website's performance using analytics.
  • How to accept Mastercard and Visa card payments on your WordPress website.

A WordPress site allows you to attract new customers, build brand awareness, and inspire more prospects to buy from you. Not to mention the SEO benefits, giving you exposure like never before.

This course lays out a practical, step-by-step process for developing a successful website/blog for your business:

1. I explain the theories behind the use of blogging as a powerful marketing tool.

2. Then, I list the practical actions you need to take to build and promote your own site.

3. This course is loaded with screenshots and how-to’s, making it incredibly easy to follow, even for the novice web designer!

Here’s more detail about what’s inside:

* How to identify your target audience, get inside their heads and create the kind of content they really crave.

* How to solve the technical challenges and decisions you’ll face before you can start blogging.

* Which traffic building solutions will give you the best return on investment – and which are a complete waste of time.

* Why creating a phenomenal “visitor experience” is the key to generating more sales (and how to do it).

* Tried and true tips for converting casual blog readers into loyal subscribers.

And here’s what one of my students says:

“It is, without doubt, the best training on WordPress I have seen in ages. It is also very rich in content.” – Mrs. Ojiugo Ajunwa , CEO RiteTracConsult Ltd.

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