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Grow Your Profitable Digital Marketing Agency In The Age Of AI, No Code & Automation

caroline wabara


Caroline Wabara


Google Meet + Video Recording




Sept 5th - Oct 5th, 2024


4 - 6 pm (Thursdays - Saturdays)

What You Will Learn:

MODULE 1 – Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape

Why companies can’t live without Digital Marketing Services

7 Income Streams of a Digital Marketing Agency

MODULE 2 – Building Your Brand as a Digital Marketing Strategist

Agency Value Ladder

AI, Automation, and No Code Tools I Used To Get Clients, Plan, Launch and Promote Their Brands

MODULE 3 – Getting Clients

How To Build & Automate Your Agency's Marketing Funnel

Marketing Activities To Attract Ready Buyers To Your Agency Funnel via SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media and Email.

What to Say When They CALL.

The Questionnaire Is Your #1 Weapon.

How To Charge For Proposals

How To Charge Based On Ease Or Difficulty.

Getting Your First Cheque.

Digital Marketing Consulting Contract Template.

MODULE 4 – Building Your Clients’ Likeability Online

How to Audit Your Clients’ Marketing Campaign Performance

How to Create A Marketing Strategy That Helps Your Clients Build Relevance, Omnipresence & Intimacy With Their Audience

How To Build Your Clients’ Online Community With Different Types of Funnels

How To Develop Content That Makes Readers Take Action.

MODULE 5 – How To Help Your Client Makes Sales Online

Launch Checklist To Boost Sales

Social Giveaway Ideas That Turn Your Clients’ Fans Into Buyers

How to Get Your Clients’ Fans to Refer to Their Friends.

How To Setup Landing Pages

How To Run Google Ads

How To Run Facebook Ads

How To Setup E-commerce Automation

How To Setup Payment Integration

How To Setup SMS Automation

How To Setup Email Automation

How to Setup Zapier Automation

How To Setup HubSpot CRM 

How To Setup Google Analytics

MODULE 6 – Managing Client Expectations

Creating KILLER Client Reports.

Monitoring clients’ progress.

When to get clients’ testimonials.

Know clients to AVOID.

Other Services Your Clients Need, You Can Charge For

MODULE 7 – Managing Your Business

How to manage your time on a client-by-client basis.

Keeping organized records on each client.

Auto-billing your customers.

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