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How to Build Your Personal Brand In Nigeria Via Social Media

Did you know building your personal brand on social media in Nigeria takes hard work, solid strategy and consistency.

I created a SlideShare presentation below that shows you how. Keep reading:

Nigerians have various reasons for hanging out on social media.

• Education
• Information
• Entertainment
• Solution

The average Nigerian user’s favourite social media Hangout includes:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Linkedin
• Youtube
• Blackberry Messenger
• Instagram
• Whatsapp
• Pinterest

So how do you get these people to know, like, and trust you?
You need a social media strategy: Listen, Engage, Convert, Monitor, and Report.

Start by asking: “What is your social media goal”

Write your social strategy on paper:
• What do you do?
• Who are your target audience?
• Which social media channel do your target audience hangout?
• How do you reach out to them?

Define your social media brand voice

Create your social media channels
• Write bio description of who you are & what you do.
• Place a link to your website.
• Have a content plan.

Personal Grooming:
• Go to a photo studio and take a portrait (Remember to wear decent clothes and smile).
• Replace your social media avatar with the photo.

Have a content plan: Quotes, Humour, Blog Post, Tips, News, Promo.
• Create a social media calendar
• Plan marketing campaign around niche holidays (Christmas, Mother’s day)
• Get content ideas to share from: Google+ What’s hot, GoodReads, Pinterest Popular, Twitter Trending Hashtags, Feedly RSS App etc.

Automate your sharing process and schedule in advance with buffer or hootsuite.

Read, Learn & Test new technology. Social Media changes everyday.

Read expert blogs via Feedly.

Share personal experiences on your blog. Fans want to hear real life stories.

Follow experts on social media. Join LinkedIn Groups related to your industry and participate regularly in group discussions.

Use hootsuite search tool to monitor conversations in your industry.

Use industry- related & location-based hashtags to get seen by target prospects.

Identify & Interact with influencers. Thank them for following or sharing your tweets. I use

Get fans to join your mailing list via Twitter by using lead generation card & MailChimp.

Get fans to join your mailing list via Facebook by using Shortstack & MailChimp.

Always put a call to action verb at the end of your tweets, updates or blog posts (e.g. Sign up, download, buy now)

Track your marketing performance: I use Google Analytics & SumAll to monitor traffic source, views, comments & retweets.

Final Note: Consistency is key to success in social media branding. If you don’t want people to forget you, then don’t stop offering value.

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