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Become a Highly Paid Social Media Consultant in Nigeria ebook
Become a Highly Paid Social Media Consultant in Nigeria

Get Ready to Start Building Your Own Social Media Consulting Empire!

You Are About To Discover How To Get Hired By Nigerian Companies To Build, Engage, Influence & Convert Their Social Media Fans Into Loyal Brand Evangelists & Lifetime Customers!

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buy business blogging for nigeria business success ebook
Business Blogging for Nigeria Business Success

Get Ready to Become A Client Magnet in Nigeria Through Business Blogging!

“Business Blogging for Success – A Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing The Power Of Business Blogging To Promote Your Business, Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors, Capture New Leads, Interact With Your Audience and Increase Sales.”

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digital marketing automation ecourse nigeria
Digital Marketing Automation Ecourse

5-Day Email Course: Simple Marketing Automation Hacks

Discover How To Automate Your Online Business & Boost Leads/Sales In 5 Simple Steps (Even If You Have A Small Marketing Budget)

You'll Learn:

  • Social Media Automation Hack That Opens The Floodgates of Customers to Your Store.
  • Automated Sales Funnel Hack That Drives Converts Your Leads into Repeat Buyers
  • Content Marketing Hack That Will Ensure You Never Think of What To Write & Converts Your Readers Into Buyers
  • Lead Generation Hack That Turns Your Visitors Into Buyers.
  • Email Marketing Automation Hack That Persuades Your Audience to Buy.


I strongly recommend you sign up now and learn how to automate your marketing in 2016 and beyond.

5,500.00 3,500.00
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buy digital marketing for nigerian business success ebook
Digital Marketing For Nigerian Business Success Ebook


Discover How You Can Automate Your Business in Nigeria To Get Daily Buzz, New Leads & Repeat Buyers Using 15 Digital Marketing Ideas.

Get a copy of Digital Marketing For Nigerian Business Success ebook.

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digital marketing training course nigeria
150,000.00 80,000.00
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email autoresponder series template nigeria
Email Automation Series

Do you already own a mailing list but don’t know what emails to send to them on autopilot? I have a special offer for you.

  1. I am giving you the entire email series of 27 emails that I put on automation to launch a customer’s product to their customers, attract new customers that had never heard of them AND convert leads into sales.
  2. Each email as the number it is in the sequence, the day we sent it, the objective and the subject line.  I’ve included the text, removing the items specific to our customer so you can fill in the blanks.
  3. The email template is broken down into the following series:
  • Launch series
  • Value series
  • Sales series.
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How To Host A Webinar on WhatsApp Course
How To Host A Webinar on WhatsApp Course

Did you know that anything is teachable on WhatsApp?

Would you like to learn how to organize WhatsApp webinars that sell and upsell your products and services?

Order my WhatsApp Webinar course to get the blueprint and sale conversation script I’ve used to generate steady revenue from the sale of products and services from 2017 till date, using WhatsApp classes.

The class holds on Saturday, July 6th.

5,000.00 2,500.00
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Marketing Funnel Bundle (TW)
13,000.00 6,500.00
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seo that outranks course
SEO Training

Learn Proven SEO Tactics That 10x Your Website Traffic From Google and automatically generate new Nigerian customers and leads in 90 Days!

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Social Media Consulting Training in Lagos Nigeria
Social Media Training Course

Get Ready to Start Building Your Own Social Media Consulting Empire in Nigeria!   You Are About To Discover How … READ MORE

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buy whatsapp sales funnel ebook
WhatsApp Sales Funnel Guide

You will learn how to write copy that sells
How to attract and build your audience.
How to never run out of content ideas to write
How to set up your paystack account and landing page
How to convert your group members into buyers
How to set up and run WhatsApp ad via Facebook Ads Manager.

6,000.00 4,000.00
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