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Ready to outsource your eCommerce SEO, Technical SEO, Website Migrations and Google Analytics consulting to an SEO Consultant in Nigeria?


Finally! A Strategic Lagos Search Engine Optimization Service Where Nigerian Businesses Can Get On The 1st Page of Google & Be Seen By High-Value Customers.


Ever wondered why none of your SEO efforts are yielding results? You noticed that your website loads slowly and website visitors aren’t converting into leads or customers? You wonder why Google didn’t index your site? Let’s audit your website today.


You typed your keyword phrase into Google search and discovered your website is nowhere near the 3rd page of Google, rather you see Nairaland, Vconnect and your competitor’s websites are ranking on the front page. Let’s improve your website rankings.


Want to learn how to optimize your website and have PAYING customers finding you every day, without burning your hard-earned cash on GOOGLE ADWORDS? I created a course titled SEO That Outranks that teaches you the strategies.


What are the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Your Business?

Free 24/7 Promotion

Google, Bing and Yahoo keeps working for you 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year non-stop. A free and inexpensive way to increase traffic to your website.

High ROI

SEO provides one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to online marketing.

Targeted Website Traffic

Increase the number of qualified visitors to your website from search engines, who are ready to buy or subscribe.

More Credibility

Your prospects will keep seeing your name pop up when they search for an expert.


Now You Too Can Enjoy Free High-Quality Traffic From Google & Spend Less On Ads.

After you handled my SEO strategy, my sales have tripled without me doing any form of advertisement on my website. I have benefitted immensely, I get more clients now.




Here’s How We Do SEO For You

Discovery Phase

We agree on the goals and expectations and gather information on your target audience and competition.

Implementation Phase

We start applying on-page SEO techniques to all pages of the site and across all social media properties. Gaining popularity and backlinks from other websites and increase foot traffic from local customers.

Architecture Phase

We tweak your website to speak to your human visitors and Search Engines simultaneously by placing the keyword phrases in the website’s title or content. Optimize landing pages with the aim of converting visitors to leads.

Monitoring Phase

We track website traffic and compare activities, then send you a detailed SEO performance report within a few days of completing each month’s promotional activity.


Why Hire For Your SEO

caroline wabara lagos full service digital marketing agency

We have a proven track record in helping Nigerian companies across industries achieve top results in Search Engines through an effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan. At, we have achieved top 10 rankings for 100% of our clients.

Here’s how we do it:

Keyword research – Identifying your targeted Search Engine audience.

Content creation – Speaking to your human visitors and Search Engines simultaneously.

Inbound Links Optimization – Applying on-page SEO techniques to all pages of the site and across all social media properties.

Outbound Links optimization – Gaining popularity and backlinks from other websites.

Outbound Links optimization – Gaining popularity and backlinks from other websites.

Clients I helped to succeed with Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions

How will you improve our search engine rankings?’s SEM department will come up with the most efficient Search Engine Optimization plan that will fit your budget, target audience, goals, and most importantly increase ROI.

Here is how we do it:

Keyword research – Identifying your targeted Search Engine audience.

Content creation – Speaking to your human visitors and Search Engines simultaneously.

Inbound Links Optimization – Applying on-page SEO techniques to all pages of the site and across all social media properties.

Outbound Links optimization – Gaining popularity and backlinks from other websites.

Local search Listings – Increasing foot traffic from local customers.

Website Analytics – Learning more about your visitors’ needs and behaviour.

Will you carry out link building activities?


How will you keep me informed of changes you make to our website and how often will I get an SEO report?

I will send you a monthly report on the following:

Website traffic, Traffic source, No of leads and leads sources.

Can you share information on some of your past clients and their results?

Case Study 1: (A freight forwarding company in Nigeria).

Problem: Had a poorly designed website. No sales. Website was ranking lower in search engines. Business Goal: Rank Higher in Search engines and increase leads.

Solution: Redesigned the website. Added tracking tools to monitor traffic. Did keyword research and added relevant keywords. Created a blog with content that people are interested in and that has become popular in the international freight forwarding industry.

Results: Rated amongst top 50 freight forwarding blogs by international freight forwarders. Increase in traffic and sales. Ranking high for keywords: air freight companies in nigeria, air freight to nigeria, air cargo from china to nigeria.

Case Study 2:

Simplinteriors (An interior design company and school): ranked lower for relevant keywords and getting low-quality traffic.

Problem Identified: Poor search engine optimization on landing pages, competitor Maven School of Interior design was ranking tops for their target keywords, while theirs were nowhere near the 3rd page of Google search results.

Solution: Did keyword research and competitive analysis, Installed web tracking tools to monitor why people were not converting. Added call to action buttons. Rewrote the content to make readers become clients. Results: Within 4 months, their website shot up to the first page of Google search results for “interior design schools in nigeria”, “interior design schools in lagos”, “school of interior design in nigeria”, “interior design companies in lagos”.

Who is your longest active client? I redesigned their website and performed SEO. I manage their content marketing strategy at I also manage their pay per click advertising campaign currently running at

Do you always follow Google’s best practices?

Like a Ten commandment.

Which tools do you use – reporting tools, link building tools, technical SEO tools, research tools?

Google Analytics & Search Console

Google Keyword Planner





What kind of SEO work will you do, technical, off page or on-page?

We do a quick audit on the site and look out for the following red flags:

URL structure

Site speed

Missing Meta description,

Unique page titles,

long tail keywords

H1, H2, H3 tags.

Length of body content

Site index

Google Analytics

Robots.txt file


Quality of Backlinks

Can you guarantee that our site will rank #1 for a major search term?

No, I cannot guarantee that. I will only do my best and the rest is up to Google to decide whether your website is trustworthy enough to rank on the first page.

How Long Does It Take to See SEO Results?

The average amount of time it takes to see real results in a correctly executed SEO campaign is 4-6 months. That’s the short answer.

The more complex answer is “It depends on the website’s age, current TrustRank with Google, and whether it has any penalties levied on it.”

How do you determine if you’re successful?

Success depends on achieving the set goals, we will measure the rankings, no of traffic, backlinks, lead source and conversions.

How will your work tie into our other marketing efforts?

Advice will be given on the type of information your target audience needs and it will be published on the blog to educate your audience.

These blog posts will be shared on social media.

Frequently asked questions by customers will be gotten from your sales team to create more content for the blog, email newsletter, social media and your website’s landing pages where necessary.

Whenever there is an online promotion, I will run keyword research that aligns with the landing page.

Why should we hire you over other SEOs?

Because small business owners come to me to clean up the mess that previous website designers left behind. Call me the repair lady. 🙂

Whom We Serve

We do SEO for Law Firms, Interior Design Firms, Schools, Logistics Companies, Construction Companies, Health Professions, Finance & Accounting Firms, Consultants

Service-based businesses looking to outsource their monthly SEO strategy

Individuals & Companies looking for solid SEO training to improve their websites

Small businesses who need SEO audit in order to find solutions to their SEO efforts.


Let’s make your SEO success a reality

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