Did you know that what you put on your landing page affects your sales? Do you want a professional to look at your business in a different light and tell a compelling story that captures the heart of your target audience? We can help. From writing a simple blog post to building an entire content marketing campaign, we make sure that your message will be clearly communicated to your target audience.


Copywriting Services That Will Help You Achieve Your Specific Online Marketing Goals


Web Page Copywriting Services:

Effective copywriting persuades visitors of the benefits of your product. That's why your copywriter should know both your product inside out, so that every benefit gets sold. Need your website copy to convert a visitor quickly into a customer? We can help.

Ghost Blogging

We can write blog posts that attracts both humans and search engines to your company’s blog. And put your name as the author. So it’s a win-win situation.

Email Marketing Campaign Copy

We can draft, write and/or edit the content of your weekly or monthly newsletter for you. This includes your sign-up invitations and confirmation emails.

Here's What You Can Expect from Our Copywriting and Content Marketing Service

Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Easily the hardest (but most important) part of your landing page: I will build powerful headlines that capture your customers' attention in seconds.

Speaking to Your Target Audience

Want to speak to your customers in a language they understand? I'll find the language that will allow you to speak to your target audience and respond to.


Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your USP is what makes your customers buy your product or service. I'll craft this message, and decide where to put it on each of your landing pages.

Benefit Bullets

E-commerce websites make sales out of writing "benefit bullets." I'll use my proven techniques to craft your own benefit bullets fast.

Button Copy

Button copy can determine whether or not customers will click your "subscribe" or "buy now" buttons. I'll write button copy that get the clicks.

Split Test To Boost Your Results

However beautiful that strategy, we should also look at the results. Split testing will reveal which messaging works best for your audience. I'll handle the split test for you and show you what's working.

If you hire me to write copy for you, this is the system I will follow to give you a high converting website:

Step 1) Learn everything I can about your company and your product or service.
Step 2) Research your customers to find out what they really want.
Step 3) Research your competitors to find out what makes you different.
Step 4) Write awesome copy.
Step 5) Test that awesome copy to prove that it does, in fact, generate more leads and sign-ups for you.

How Much Does My Copywriting/Content Marketing Services Cost?

I quote all clients on an individual project basis. Prices are dependent on detailed customer research that is designed to improve your website's conversion rate.

What Are My Content Marketing Qualifications?

  • I have 6 years of professional writing experience as a Content Writer.
  • I have worked with startups and large corporations B2B and B2C companies.
  • I am certified in Inbound Marketing by Hubspot Academy.
  • My clients know I'm obsessed with digital marketing and optimization, and I will work tirelessly until you succeed.
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