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This Service Is For You If You Are…

Sick & Tired of Slow Months

You are tired of watching the competitors smile to the bank while you are yet to get one sales qualified lead.

Worried About The Right Strategy

There are so many gurus telling you the best strategy for your business but are not willing to set it up for you.

Confused About The Best Technology To Use

You've spent so much money on the latest shiny marketing technology and it didn't work.

What if you could automate the entire customer journey?

Meet Ronke, Your Next Prospect…

Ronke found your company and opted into the stadium pitch.  
Over the next week, she was introduced to you and your company.
Learned valuable market data that cemented her decision to work with you, positioning you as the top authority in the space. 
Engaged with your videos and learned valuable insights into her "problems" that you are going to fix.
When she talked to the sales rep for the first time, she was already prepared to become a client.
And all of this was automated!
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"97% of buyers choose a product because the business has more knowledge of the solution than the competition."

This form of education is exactly what your prospects want. On average, they are reading at least 5 pieces of content before they reach out for a sales conversation. 

Wouldn’t you like your prospects to be nurtured and gracefully placed into the laps of your sales team already prepped to buy? (Let me give you a hint, the answer to that question is yes.)

Now you hire Caroline Wabara. With a custom service package, you could be attracting high-value customers to your product pages within 90 Days. 

Here's Everything You Will Be Getting

Strategic Marketing

You've got big plans. We can help you map out a marketing strategy to make them real. We'll schedule a day and time to meet on Zoom or face-to-face for a VIP power session! We’ll get super clear on who you want to attract, the outcome you provide, and create the marketing funnel campaign that converts!

Audience Research

We'll find real consumers in your target market and run user tests that replicate buying conditions. You'll learn what your people love and what they aren't understanding.

Sales Page Copywriting & Design

We will write the sales page of your dreams, then design, and create it on your site. We handle the copy and the visuals for you, so you don’t have to worry about HTML codes.

Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page Design

We will select the best lead magnet for your special offer and design your opt-in page to ensure that you capture new leads each time someone visits your site. Whether you need a workbook, checklist, webinar presentation created, we will handle the design and setup.

Script For Your Video Ad

If you are wondering what you'll say in your video? No need, I will write your script so you don't have to!

Done-For-You Ad Copy

Don't know what to say in your Facebook ad or Google Ad? You don't have to because I'm going to write it for you! I write ad copy for every stage of the buyer's journey.

Copy-Paste Email Series

After getting on your email list, your leads will get dropped into an email sequence: a series of emails to follow-up and close the sale. We will write and setup 5-7 emails in your email service provider, so your sales process is completely automated and hands-free.

Pre-Sell Content Page

Want people to make a buying decision after reading your article? Then let us write that presell blog post and link it to your sales page.

Social Media Post Script

Your grid contains the layout for your ultimate social media feed. You will receive 5 – 7 reusable templates, as well as 15 individual posts to attract customers online.

Webinar Template

You got the lead, but now what? I'll give you my sales deck so you know what to show them. If you are selling to a group offline or via a webinar, these templates will show you exactly what to say to get a “yes” from potential customers.

Phone Call & SMS Script

You got the lead, but now what? I'll give you a phone script so you know exactly what to say and close the deal on the phone!

Launch Handbook Template

The Launch Handbook contains the next steps, content schedule, and instructions on how to execute your launch effectively and continue feeding your sales funnel with new, interested customers.

“Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team that dreams come true, great!”

Jorge Peterson, CEO Optimisation

Businesses I've Helped

Mantrac CAT

Mantrac CAT needed to attract business owners and individual who were in need of diesel generators to grow their business. Our work on their sales page and targeted ads helped triple their conversion rate and we were able to hit twice their goal.


An islamic online fashion store, Habeebat knew it needed to transform its ecommerce experience to hold its own with larger competitors. One year after we reworked their sales pages and rewired their ads targeting, their ecommerce business makes up to 75% of their revenue. 

Geo Travel

A success online travel agency, Geo Travel knew it needed to transform its ecommerce experience to hold its own with larger competitors. One month after we reworked their sales pages and built their chatbot, their travel tour business makes up 75% of their revenue

caroline wabara

Meet Caroline – your marketing funnel architect

I am a mom to a lovely son. Since 2012, I've had the pleasure of working with so many brands and individuals on their online marketing campaigns.

Writing sales copy and designing landing pages that convert is my fuel, while consuming coffee and listening to podcasts and music.

Also, I love telling stories that sell via WhatsApp Status, Facebook Messenger and Email.

Limited Time Offer

Unfortunately, this isn't everyone. We only select applicants who will truly benefit from marketing Funnel Campaign, ones that will bring in an ROI that far outweighs the initial investment into our system.

No matter if you've used a visual page builder before, with Brizy you'll be a pro the second you start using it.

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