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10 Digital Marketing Skills Nigerian Companies are Hiring in 2019

Ever since Nigeria adopted digital marketing with all its benefits, a lot of companies have been hiring professionals with digital marketing skills to help promote their brands online and generate more revenue in the process. Digital marketing enthusiasts have also been able to acquire some basic digital marketing skills in order to meet up with the demands of employers and add value to companies they work for. The year, 2019 is fast approaching and digital marketers are advised to tighten their seat belts while new entrants into the digital marketing field, on the other hand, are compelled to acquire any of these 10 Digital Marketing Skills Nigerian Companies are Hiring in 2019.

1. Digital Marketing Automation
Most companies will strongly be in need of marketing automation for their businesses and they will be hiring people who are very skilled in the field as well as use various marketing automation tools like Buffer, Hubspot, Pardot and Marketo. Also, with chatbots being introduced into the Nigerian market, companies are grabbing the opportunity to use it in automating their businesses and as such, they will need a digital marketing professional to handle that. If this is a field you are interested in, then it is necessary to get the required skill in order to stand a chance of being employed by a reputable company in 2019.

2. Web Data Analytics
Most companies can’t do without web analytics as this will help them track, access and analyse data using digital technology or digital tools. Web analytics ensures that companies market the right way and as such, this is an important skill in digital marketing which will be more relevant in 2019. If this is your niche or a skill you are interested in, it is important to always be at you’re “A-game” because companies will hire those who can use the right digital tools such as Google Analytics, webmaster tools and Hotjar to help their brands with good customer data. It is important that you remain on track or acquire the necessary web data analytic skills to ensure you are hired by a tech-savvy company in 2019.

3. UI/UX Skills for Design
UI and UX are different set of skills with specific functions which gives a customer a unique experience. Every brand wants their customers to see how creative they are in terms of design as that is the first thing that captivates them. These designs could be in form of a photoshop image or a unique landing page. Having this digital marketing skill is a great plus and gives you an edge above other digital marketers. If this is a skill you can further refine or advance, then you can take some time off to do that so you can be the best digital marketing candidate for a job in 2019.

4. Email Marketing
Email marketing skill is usually underestimated but this skill is also highly sorted out for by companies in need of sending a good number of commercial messages to their customers and potential clients using Email. A lot of companies depend on email marketing in order to get a good return on investments. It is also important to know that email marketing gets strategic by the year and professionals in this field are very active as they use the right email strategies to get more customers. Having an email marketing skill makes you employable for 2019 and if this is the niche of marketing you are interested in, be sure to stand out amongst other candidates.

5. Website Design
Basic web design skills like WordPress and HTML/CSS is very important and companies will be searching for people with a proven skill in this field to work with them. If you are a digital marketer in this field or you have an interest in website design, it is important that you know how to manage websites and design simple landing pages in order to land a job in 2019.

6. Content Writing
Companies are on the lookout for content writers who will be able to engage their target audience, drive traffic to their website and acquire more leads through consistent and creative contents. Having the right contents will create higher organic search engine ranking for businesses and as such, having this digital marketing skill can help you to get easily hired by companies in 2019.

7. Social Media Marketing
Social media is a very powerful marketing tool in the world of digital marketing. Nigeria is among the top 5 of countries that are highly engaging on social media especially with the use of their smartphones. A lot of companies have been able to acquire more leads and drive new business opportunities through social media. Having a social media skill with an understanding of visual marketing, copywriting, analytics and colour psychology qualifies you to be employed by brands in 2019.

8. Brand Storytelling Skills
A brand story goes beyond content and narrative. It is about what people believe about a brand. Companies use brand storytelling to increase brand awareness and loyalty amongst their customers. If you have the skill to create compelling storylines about a brand’s product or services, then you are well on your way to being employed by a Nigerian brand interested in your skill.

9. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid ad on search engine websites that gets web traffic through mobile or desktop web search. Advertising with Google or Bing are similar in process as they involve constant monitoring, optimisation, tweaking and testing. This is an important digital marketing skill that companies are hiring in 2019.

10. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search engines are the primary method of navigation for most internet users and companies love to appear in top search engine pages. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) creates a brand’s visibility in an organic format which drives traffic to the brand’s website and increases brand’s awareness. If this is a skill you are good at, then you are a good digital marketing candidate for 2019.

Digital marketing is broad and interesting. You can’t be the master of all the different branches in digital marketing but you can have knowledge of the 10 skills that Nigerian companies are most interested in and be a master in your preferred niche. With the skills mentioned above, be rest assured to remain relevant in the digital marketing field and be easily noticed by Nigerian companies in 2019.

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