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Are You Making These 5 Network Marketing Mistakes?

Are You Making These 5 Network Marketing Mistakes?

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Here are five pathetic mistakes I’ve seen MLM Distributors or Network Marketers make over and over again…


Mistake #1: Tricking People

After speaking at a webinar yesterday, a young man slid into my DM, thanking me for the insightful webinar.

Next, he invited me to join a zoom call with him by 6:00 pm to discuss “business” and how we can move forward.

Something told me not to promise him anything.

Lo and behold, by 6:00 pm, he dropped a zoom invite link to attend a Forex/Crypto/Banking Opportunity webinar.

The webinar wasn’t organized by him but by someone else. He was only luring me to attend.

I respectfully declined.

But seriously, why not say it upfront and save ourselves the stress instead of tricking me with “let’s hop on zoom to discuss business?”

I’m not the only person this has happened to. Other people complained about the same thing.

Stop the trickery!

Mistake #2: Being Cheap – Asking for Free Stuff.

Instead of paying money for premium education and tools to recruit their team.

They try to do all the unproductive things like tricking/distributing family and friends, spamming groups, etc. because those activities won’t cost them a kobo.

Stop being cheap.


You’re giving the network marketing industry a bad name.

Mistake #3: Doing One-On-One Lead Generation – Not Generating Leads at Scale.

I don’t know what reasons your team lead gave you about talking to people one–on–one.

But it’s time to scale from one-on-one to one-to-many.

Look for strategies that enable you to generate as many qualified leads as possible.

Mistake #4: Not Building a Sales Funnel to Recruit Qualified People Who Are Very Eager to Join Your Team or Down Line on Autopilot.

Instead of building an inbound system to get these people begging to join with money in their hands.

You prefer to disturb uninterested people.

How are you going to make that high passive income with manual labor?

Mistake #5: Not Following Up With Interested Leads.

People have raised their hands, they want to know more, but you don’t have the right words or scripts to follow up with them.

So those leads fall through the cracks and turn cold.

So what’s the way out?

What’s the best way to stop chasing people and start recruiting qualified and interested down lines every day?

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If you are ready to move away from:

  • Tricking people to attend your business opportunity webinar
  • Spamming groups and disturbing uninterested friends to join.
  • Doing network marketing the old way.

Then you need:

  • Proven Strategy
  • Ad copy that makes people say I’m interested
  • Landing page copy & design that converts
  • Follow up Email Sequence
  • Content Strategy that installs buying beliefs

Get my MLM Funnel Pack today for =N=50, 000 and start generating leads the right way.

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