Perfect Value Ladder for Catering Business in Nigeria

catering business

What is a Value Ladder?

value ladder for catering business in Nigeria


A value ladder is a method of mapping out your product/service offering visually in ascending order of value and price. The value ladder allows you to cater to your client’s needs no matter where they are at.


The Value Ladder is divided into 4 to 6 parts:

1. Free Thing (Lead Magnet)

2. Introductory Offer (Tripwire)

3. Core Offer (Main Product or Service)

4. Profit Maximizer (Value Added Bundle or Expensive Thing)

5. Backend Offer (Backend Support)

6. Continuity Offer (Weekly or Monthly Subscription-based offer).

This article focuses on professional caterers’ value ladder.

Why Value Ladder for Food Catering and Vendors?

The idea for this article came after several years of working with clients in various industries.

The need to share this article is to help upcoming catering professionals create multiple streams of income from their skills.

Now on to the article on how to map out your value ladder…

Here’s an infographic I designed:

value ladder for caterers in nigeria

Value Ladder for Nigerian Caterers:

Lead Magnet: Videos and Pictures of Meals on social media

Tripwire: Daily Meal — N1,000 naira

Core Offer: Meals for 500 guests — N350,000 naira

Profit Maximizer: Meals for 1,000 guests — N600,000 naira

Backend Offer: Utensils Rentals — Any amount

Continuity Offer: Weekly and Monthly Subscription — between N5,700 to N22,000 naira.

Hope this article helped you in creating multiple streams of income for your catering business.

The value ladder is just one step.

Getting potential clients to notice you, like you, trust you and order your products or services is the hardest part.

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