[Video Tutorial] How I Use Whatsapp Status Update For Business

How To Use Whatsapp Stataus Feature To Promote Your Business in Nigeria

How I Use Whatsapp Status Update For Promoting My Business + Content Format


Recently, Nigerians woke up to the latest feature on their beloved Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Status Update!

I can see that Facebook didn’t come to play this year.


What Is WhatsApp Status?


whatsapp status update feature nigeria


WhatsApp Status allows you to share photos, videos and animated GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. Your status updates are only visible to the contacts you have saved in your phone’s address book.


How To Use The Whatsapp Status:

To view someone’s status update, tap the Status tab and select a contact’s status. To reply to one of your contact’s status updates, tap Reply at the bottom of the screen while viewing their status.

Adding your own status update

To add a status update:

Go to the Status screen.
Tap the status icon.
You can take a new photo or record a new video, or choose an existing one from the picker, then tap the send button.
You can also add a caption and personalize your status updates by adding emojis, text and freehanded drawings to your photos and videos.

Here’s a Video Tutorial


What a great time to be a business owner or marketer on Whatsapp.

I’ve never felt so motivated to share messages I care about online.

Not even Snapchat or Instagram Stories could motivate me to share.

But Whatsapp has been a different story altogether.

The first status I shared was a video preview of my upcoming SEO That Outranks course on Whatsapp stories.

Almost immediately, I got a call from a trainer in the industry asking if I could collaborate with him on future training sessions.

Then another lady requested for the training date and cost.

Am I dreaming or what?

Not only that, this tool enables me to see who and who viewed my updates.

That’s simple analytics right there.


Type of Content Formats To Share on Whatsapp Status:

– How-to’s in image format. (I use Canva to design them)
– Case Studies (I use videos for this).
– Vlog
– Meme
– Customer Testimonials
– FAQs
– Quotes
– Quizzes
– Events Preview
– “Day in the life of” post
– Ebook preview
– Invitation to join email newsletter.
– Product Promo Announcement.


Your Turn:

What other ways do you use Whatsapp Status Feature? Has it been helpful to your business? Please share in the comments below.

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