5 Best LinkedIn Groups to Join & Find B2B Clients In Nigeria

Top 5 LinkedIn Groups Every Marketer Must Join To Get b2b Clients In Nigeria
I can’t say it enough: LinkedIn groups are where the paying clients are at!
If you run a service-based business, especially if you’re B2B, and you aren’t using LinkedIn groups to get clients, you are SERIOUSLY missing out!
80% of my clients in Nigeria come through LinkedIn groups AND they send a tonne of traffic to my blog.
See a screenshot of myGoogle Analytics Stats for Social Media Traffic:
google analytics social stats linkedin groups nigeria
I belong to quite a few LinkedIn groups, but I’m about to share my five faves.

My Best 5 LinkedIn Groups to Join & Find B2B Clients in Nigeria

  1. Lagos Business Club | Nigeria West Africa
  2. Abuja Business Club – Nigeria | West Africa
  3. Nigeria Business Network
  4. Nigeria Business Communities
  5. Port Harcourt Business Club – Africa | Nigeria | Oil
 These groups have the largest database of members who are Nigerian citizens.

How Do You Join These LinkedIn Groups?

Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Groups. Click Discover at the top of the page to view suggested groups.
You can then request membership by clicking the Ask to join button under the group description.

Best Practices For LinkedIn Groups Participation

Before you spam your website URL and affiliate links all over the place, know that most of these groups have strict rules against self promotion.
Acting spammy is not going to help your cause.
Ask questions, give advice, share great content such as your blog posts, and be visible. Actively participate in these LinkedIn groups and potential clients will take notice.
I use Buffer‘s Awesome Plan of $10 per month to schedule my helpful blog posts directly to these groups.
I also use Canva to design helpful infographics and quotes for my fellow members to like and share.
For more proven tactics on how I automate my online marketing to increase sales, click the image below to sign up for my 5-Day Digital Marketing Automation Email Course:
marketing automation email course nigeria
The more they like, the more my content goes viral on LinkedIn.
People remember when they see the same name popping up over and over again, and they’re going to want to know more about you by checking out your profile!
Be prepared and update your LinkedIn profile tag line, summary and skills with what you do and what you can do for your audience.
Also, include a link to your website on your LinkedIn profile.
You need to make it OBVIOUS that you have a successful business and that you are ready and willing to go above and beyond to please your clients.
When they start checking out your profile, don’t ignore the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ notification.
Always click on it to check out the people who viewed your profile and connect with the people that fit your ideal customer profile.
If you don’t know who your ideal client is, you can start by filling out this Ideal Customer Profile Worksheet.
ideal client worksheet
Happy client hunting!


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