Top 10 Digital Media Blog Posts of 2012 from @CarolineWabara

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top_10_blog_posts_carolinewabaraThis post includes the top 10 posts on the “CarolineWabara” blog of 2012. I hope you can learn from it to improve your content marketing, seo, social media and blogging results in 2013. Move forward into 2013 maximizing what you do know, accepting what you don’t know and focusing on the key areas you need to learn to grow your business. As I always say, the only guarantee in digital marketing, business and life is change. Don’t focus only on the tools. Set clear goals and objectives and implement a system of balancing both art and science as you make the investment to become a digital business.

Top 10 Posts of 2012

How To Use Skype As A Business Communication ToolTweet this

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How To Be A Highly-Paid Social Media Manager For Nigerian BrandsTweet this

LinkedIn Ads: 9 Steps to Target 1 Million Nigerian ProfessionalsTweet this

Google Adwords 101 For Nigerian Business Success (SLIDESHARE)Tweet this

Digital Marketing 101: Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing For BusinessTweet this

4 Geo-location Apps Every Lean Small Nigerian Business Must TryTweet this

22 Creative Ways Nigerians Can Market Their Brand on PinterestTweet this

Google’s Top Search Terms 2012: What’s in it for Nigerian Business Owners?Tweet this

How I Reduced My Website Bounce Rate By 51.43% & Increased Engagement/SalesTweet this

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Your Turn?

What did your blog trends look like in 2012? Did you achieve the results you wanted to? Do you need to better align your content with your goals and audience in 2013? What advice can you offer others? What questions do you have that we can help answer? What content would you like to see more of on this blog in 2013?

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