Digital Marketing 101: Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing For Business

Do you know that Inbound Marketing (i.e. Social Media, Blog, SEO) is far cheaper and earns your target audinece’ trust than Outbound Marketing (T.V, Print, Radio)? I know that for a fact because ever since I started educating people on my blog and via facebook, I have earned people’s trust and seen an increase in  site traffic, referrals and customers from search engines and from social media networks.

Isn’t that awesome and far cheaper than spending millions of naira (nigerian currency)  just to annoy people with screaming ads on billboards, T.V, radio or newspaper? Not only that, at the end of the day, I can’t even monitor nor measure the return on my investments.

To cap it all, outbound marketing is old school, while inbound marketing is New School.

Check out the infographic below from

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