5 Reasons Why You Should Capture Customers on Social Media

For many start-up entrepreneurs, the most difficult part of running a business is not the actual creation of a product or service. It’s automating your business promotion strategy for finding and capturing targeted leads that not only show interest in their brand, but eventually buy.

Nowadays, the traditional method of promoting your products and services through Radio, Print, Radio or static website is not enough to convince your customers to buy from you. This is because today’s customer is becoming more information-savvy and is looking to social media sites for information on recommended products before making a buying decision.

Now, I’m not one of those geeks who claim that the social media is the solution to all of our problems. But for us marketers, I can count five reasons why this medium some call “a waste of time and immeasurable” truly can be a godsend.

  1. The playing field has been leveled: You don’t have to be a big brand to leverage social media. 82% of your customers are already using the social media sites to search and research recommended products or services before making a purchase decision. Every click, every search, every tweet is an opportunity to engage them and become a go-to authority in your marketplace. Your clients are ready to buy. The question is – are you ready to be found? Your market is already buzzing. Are you part of the conversation?
  2. Your competitors are already thinking of establishing their business presence on the social media (if they haven’t already!).
  3. Social Media Marketing is Cheap & Sometimes Free: While it costs me a lot to put a direct mail promotion (posters, handbills, T.V, Radio, Phone calls) into a prospect’s hands, I can reach the same guy on facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, google, email etc., for less and in many cases, free. That simple fact delinks risk and reward in ways we could only dream about when the social media was not born.
  4. Guaranteed winners: when the dust settles after an offline direct mail promo (posters, handbills, T.V, Radio, Phone calls), you basically know five facts about your effort:
  • How much you spent?
  • How many people received your promotion?
  • How many people responded?
  • How much money they spent with you? and
  • How much money you made or lost on the mailing or advert?

But wouldn’t it also be nice to know at what point in your promotion the buyers actually made their purchase decision? Or even better to know at precisely what point non-buyers decided to turn your promotion into a birdcage liner?

In social media marketing, you can know at which point in the sales copy you lost your prospects, you could simply…

  • Repair or replace the weak links in your sales copy and offer…
  • Continue testing until you had the winner…
  • And then keep on refining your message until you have an out-of—the-park grand slam!

That’s the stuff dreams are made of!

       5.        Faster Cash: the social media lets me deliver my sales message and begin generating   sales instantly.

Why Not Have It All? If you are a business owner or marketing executive looking for cheap ways to build your business for success through social media, then I recommend that you grab hold of my new ebook “Social Media Marketing for Business Success” to discover how engaging in business blogging, facebook marketing, twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, article marketing, youtube marketing, forum marketing, location-based marketing,  mobile apps marketing, white paper marketing, press release, and email marketing helped me to:

  • Attract Targeted Publicity
  • Capture New Customers
  • Boost Sales
  • Become an authority in my niche
  • Convert my fans and customers into brand ambassadors, and
  • Measure My Business’ Return on Investment 24/7

This book teaches you what works, what doesn’t and how to profit handsomely from the social media marketing. So, if you are a business owner, marketing executive or copywriter, why not take this opportunity to learn how to combine the best direct digital marketing strategies to become filthy rich?


Caroline Wabara, a successful author and independent publisher, has written several ebooks on Digital Marketing since she launched her writing career in 2009

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