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Facebook Bans Google AdSense on Apps, Forbids User Data Mining

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Last week, Facebook created an official list of acceptable ad providers that developers can use to make money with their Facebook applications. But Google’s popular AdSense service, and Amazon.com affiliate ads program were omitted.

It was learnt that Google and Amazon couldn’t make the list because they refused to sign on the dotted line of Facebook’s new restrictive terms of service for ad providers. In short, advertising providers are forbidden from receiving, directly or indirectly, any type of Facebook user data, even if a Facebook user consents to sharing it. Should any such data end up in an ad provider’s stores, the provider is required to alert Facebook immediately and purge said data.

This latest development has resulted in facebook app developers expressing outrage that they’re no longer permitted to integrate AdSense and Amazon into their facebook applications.              

Now that Google has been banned, facebook developers would have to find an alternative. If the alternatives don’t pay as well, then developers will get discouraged from developing on Facebook.

Not only that, the future prospects of permission-based marketing (marketers collecting user-data for future follow-up) has been lost.

Developers are going to struggle in the short term as they’re forced to acclimate to a different provider, though the standoff could give other ad providers out there a chance to shine, thus opening up more choices to developers.

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