My Ugly Ordeal: Buying Hostgator Services with GTBank’s Visa Card

In the year 2010, I wrote a business plan which included running a reseller webhosting business for passive income. topped my list of recommended web hosting services for purchasing my reseller hosting business.

Then a lucrative opportunity came for me to purchase their services at a discount price during their huge Black Friday promo in 2010.  So I opened a domiciliary account with GTBank here in Nigeria and got a visa card for buying goods and services online.

Then I went ahead to purchase a one-year reseller hosting plan from The whole transaction was successful. A total of $150 was deducted from my card and was given my hosting account information via email.

The unexpected happened! As I logged into my account on Hostgator’s platform, I read a message informing me that my payment transaction was pending until my credit card was verified. I was instructed to submit my credit card details and statement of account from my bank with my credit card number clearly written on it.

GTBank refused to place my credit card number on my statement of account, as Hostgator requested. Anyway, I submitted the rest with the hope that HostGator would verify my account. But, Hostgator would not budge either. This ordeal went on for a whole month with countless email sending, running back and forth to GTBank.

I was already losing my patience and temper so much that I decided to inform Hostgator’s customer service that I was cancelling my transaction with them and wanted a refund. That was when I got the shocker of my life! They told me that my transaction was void and the money just dropped off their system like I never ever made a payment at all.

Oh my God! I was going completely ballistic! So what happened to the money? Who’s with the money? I enquired. They told me to contact GTBank about the latest development.

Another ordeal began! My bank’s customer service officer gave me their money and time-wasting customer-service phone number to explain my problem. I was so much livid with rage when their customer service unit would not pick up their calls on time, having me wait for 30 minutes stretch just to listen to their meaningless bank advert jingles and instructions.

To add insult to injury, when they eventually answered, they referred me back to my bank’s branch for further details. I felt so disappointed!

I went back to my branch’s customer service unit in frustration. I practically forced her to call the customer service herself. Thankfully she did, and magic happened!

To cut a long story short, my money was refunded and I said goodbye to using GTBank’s visa card for online transactions.

That’s my story, so my dear Nigerian reader, what was your own experience with Nigerian banks’ debit cards for your online transactions? Good or Bad? Please share with us in the comment box. The world is listening. Cheers.

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