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CarolineWabara.com’s Blog Crashed!

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My dear readers, a few days ago, you may have noticed while loading this blog that there was a sign saying “Website Suspended”. It meant that the server hosting my blog, carolinewabara.com crashed due to uploading so many problematic plug-in which slowed down the server.

This resulted in the server crashing. But thanks to my web hosting company called (Syskay.com), the techie guys at syskay.com performed a wonderful job of securing my previous blog posts and cleared all Plugins from my blog.
They also gave me sound advice on the need to avoid uploading too many plug-ins on my blog in future.
Thanks syskay, advice noted. This advice goes to all my readers and fans that run or plan to own a blog in future. be extra careful in uploading too many plug-ins on your wordpress blog. WordPress is resource-intensive, therefore extra care should be taken in uploading unknown plug-ins that might have some bugs that crashes your server.

Happy Blogging.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year in 2011!

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2 Responses

  1. maureen
    | Reply

    how do u make money from ur site?

  2. caroline wabara
    | Reply

    thank you occupational therapy

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