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Caroline Wabara is a digital marketing consultant and trainer with a unique perspective on social media, SEO, WordPress and Content writing. She was introduced to digital marketing in 2008 while doing her masters in Education Administration and has been doing business online ever since. Stay in touch by signing for her digital marketing newsletter

  • Michael Adewale

    From the time I went through 2 weeks training with Caroline, All the tactics to hunt for clients on linkedin and some Nigeria forum has been helpful for my website: http://www.freightdrive.info I have driven clients from the groups mentioned above, Thanks to my great tutor Caroline Wabara

    • Glad your business has taken off since the training. Thanks for the compliments.

  • Momosani Isa

    It appears you give out too much for free. Indeed, givers never ever lack.

  • kamparia

    Thanks Caroline for this awesome article… I just realised the power of B2B marketing on LinkedIn. For my product (www.invoice.ng), users acquired via LinkedIn tends to be more active with a higher retention rate.

    • Good to know that LinkedIn is working for your business. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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