92 Profitable Business Ideas That Nigerians Can Launch Online

92 Profitable Business Ideas That Nigerians Can Launch Online

I have been asked severally by Nigerian readers on my blog, what business ideas are profitable to start up and sell on the internet for income generation. My answer? Every business idea is profitable online, so long as the idea comes from your own personal list of interest, skills, gifts, hobbies and “things that bug you.”

The essential tools you will need to setup shop online are:

  • A website or blog with pages such as; contact me, about, product/services, testimonial.
  • A social media profile or business page (facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube).
  • Local business listing on google maps/places.
  • Lead-capture forms and autoresponder software for capturing contacts email addresses or phone numbers for future follow-ups.

Here is a list of 100 unique business ideas that Nigerians can launch online and will surely trigger a potential online business idea for you. Enjoy:

  1.  Animal Business:

If you are an animal lover or expert, you can showcase your expertise or services online in the following areas:

  • Pet sitting
  • Animal breeding
  • Pet grooming guide book

2.      Computer-Oriented Business:

If you are computer-savvy, you can sell your expertise or services online in the following areas:

  • Computer consulting
  • Computer repair
  • Online Computer school
  • Software development
  • Website development
  • Games development


3.      Craft business:

If you are gifted in craft or just in the business of selling craft offline, you can sell the following talents or business online in the following areas:

  • Art brokerage
  • Calligraphy
  • Cartooning
  • Commercial arts auction site
  • Doll making and sales
  • Flower arranging and sales
  • Handicrafts online gallery
  • Jewelry making and sales
  • Painting
  • Soft sculpture


4.      Employment Services:

  • Executive recruitment agency
  • Resume writing
  • Career counseling
  • Job updates blog


5.      Food:

For our food experts and dieticians, you can promote your skills online as well in the following areas:

  • Online Bakery store
  • Cooking e-course or e-newsletter.
  • Health food/vitamin e-store.
  • Online muffin shop
  • Catering services website.


6.      Online Publishing and Writing Business:

If you have a flair for writing like I do, you can setup a website or blog to sell your expertise in the following areas:

  •  Advertising copywriter and editor.
  • Online magazine blogging or e-newsletter in the following niches; Christian, Muslim, parenting, business, law, real estate, IT, medical, schooling, fashion, cookery, wedding, celebrity gossip, etc.
  • Freelance or ghost writing
  • Ebook publishing and marketing.
  • Online membership library.


7.      Personal Services:

You can offer personal services to clients online in the following areas:

  • Fitness training videos (e.g. aerobics)
  • House keeping
  • Hair styling
  • Image consulting
  • Personal Shopping Service
  • Wedding Consulting
  • Online teaching (art, music)


8.      Phone-Oriented Business:

  • Mobile phone sales
  • Mobile phone repair tutorial.
  • Mobile phone blog.
  • Mobile Apps development


9.      Recreation and Entertainment Business:

  • Balloon delivery service
  • Entertainment  party planning
  • Online video production and marketing.
  • Vacation planning.


10.       Business to Business Services:


11.       Services to home:

  • Carpet cleaning service
  • Catering service
  • Firewood sales
  • House painting
  • Upholstery
  • Ironing
  • Interior design
  • Maid service
  • Photography
  • Pest control
  • Pool cleaning
  • Shopping service
  • Window washing service


12.       Service Businesses

  • Childcare services
  • Event planning service
  • Limousine service
  • Nanny agency
  • Paper collection and recycling
  • Monogramming and branding items service
  • Printing
  • Travel agency
  • Scholarship search service


13.       Miscellaneous Businesses:

  • Import and export business
  • Mail-order business
  • Public speaking
  • Real estate company
  • Real estate investment guide blog
  • Seminar and Webinar promoting
  • Multi-level marketing and Affiliate marketing
  • Online Auction Site

I hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned and have gotten a unique idea for launching an online business? Read 101 Offline and Online Marketing Ideas for your Business. Did I leave out any online business idea? Please share it in the comments box below.

Happy Online Marketing!

This article first appeared on CarolineWabara.com blog.


Caroline Wabara is the founder of CarolineWabara.com, a Lagos-Based digital marketing agency that offers content, social media, SEO & mobile marketing solutions, which helps her clients connect with their prospects and sell more. Let’s talk about your online, social and mobile marketing needs today.

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