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  • SoutechVentures

    Nice review there!

    I feel GTBank is the best when it comes to internet banking in Nigeria

    Have used their service quite some years now and it stands out.
    ( Not to mention that have worked with GTBank during a research program in The Gambia, West Africa) anyway I was not into eBusiness then

    But When I cam back Had to use their services

    Hostgator on the other hand is the best( my opinion) cos have used them for years and have both shared and reseller account with them
    Paid everything though my GTBank Naira MasterCard

    When it comes to online payments
    Its good you are patient and follow instructions

    You don’t even need a dollar account

    When hostgator asked you for Account statement or card number

    Simply state that
    its your privacy and you cant give out your complete 16 digit number to them via eMail
    rather provide screen shot from your Internet banking account and within seconds they will verify your account

    Another nice thing to have is your GTbank Token( cost just 3k naira)


    Take care

    • Really? Well I did send them a screenshot of my gtbank card, but they still insisted on my bank statement with my card number on it.

      Sure both companies are great, cos I’ve used gtbank visa card for purchasing domain names at 007names.com while using a different foreign visa card from the now defunct epassporte to purchase a hosting account at hostgator before.

    • The last time I tried ordering online with GTB Naira MasterCard, the transaction failed. How and when where you able to order Hostgator hosting with the card?

    • Akpasam

      i have sent the screen shot to them but since the last four digit of my master card is not included, it was rejected by them. so how did you do your own? this is what they need.

      -An ATM receipt showing your name (if available) and the last four digits of your card number

      -A printed statement from the bank showing your name and the last four digits of your card number

      -A printed statement from your bank showing your name and the billing
      transaction confirming the payment authorization from Hostgator

      -A receipt for the purchase of the card (If it’s prepaid) showing the last four digits of the card number

      -A receipt for adding funds to the card showing your name and the last four digits of your card number

      have tried printing receipt from the bank’s ATM but it cannot print
      maybe because the printer has been disabled and they do not accept from
      another bank’s ATM. i have contacted the bank’s branch but they can’t
      help me out.please can you help me

  • Your fears are totally understandable. I host with Hostgator and I had to go through the same ordeal about card verification. I managed t get that sorted out after 1 month and I’ve been with them ever since using both Zenith Bnak MasterCard Websurfer and Visa Prepaid Buxz.

    The goats at GTB were supposed to have contacted Hostgator on your behalf if they weren’t willing to plac your credit card number on your statement of account.

    I bank wholly with GTB but when it comes to online payments, I’m TOTALLY sticking to Zenith Bank like glue 😉

    • Really? So what are the requirements to own a Zenith surfer card?

  • Sogo Oyelami

    Had a similar experience with GT Bank yesterday. Still trying to resolve it and I keep going round in circles. So upsetting. I’m about to open a current Account with Access so I can use the Visa card instead. Do you if Access’s Visa card online payment is reliable?

    • Well I wouldn’t know about Access bank. I haven’t used their services before. I used Gtbank’s services because of all the glowing reviews I heard from my respected mentors.

  • Anonymous

    I heard it was not possible to make purchases with GTbank Viscard on Amazon till  this post : 
    http://blog.internetbusinessacademy.com.ng/?p=428 which showed one could use GTBank Visacard to shop on Amazon and for it to be shipped to Nigeria. 

    • I read your article. Its very educative. I will try my card again

  • Nduka Enuma

    Dear Caroline,

    It may surprise you to know that the problem of your payment was from all parties (HostGator, You and GTBank).

    HostGator will ask for your scanned ID Card (Driver’s Licence, Passport), then a scanned copy of your Card, but blocking all digits except the last four.

    In addition, they will ask you to send them a screen shot of your Online Banking Transaction details showing HostGator transaction in it.

    I refused to get Angry or Irritated as I did all these, and in less than 24 hours, the my HostGator Account was Verified and Activated. (from when I collected the card from GTBank and Activated my HosrGator Acount was less than 24 hours. But there was a lot of communication with all Parties)

    GTBank Visa Card (also know as GTBank Visa Classic Debit Card) works far better than all the Cards used for online payment, and of course in Nigeria.

    I got the GTBank Visa Card recently, and all the sites that have refused/declined my GTBank Master Card for payment or the other, Started accepting my GTBank Visa Card like Magic.

    It’s only when you have it, that you will completely understand what I’m saying.

    It cost $200 and between 7-14 working days to get it.

    You can load any amount (USD) you want into it, and you can withdraw it in Naira from any ATM machine.

    I LOVE GTBank.

    May God Bless Them!

    Nduka Enuma
    website: http://www.UncleNaira.com/
    Facebook: https://­­www.facebook.com/­­modnd3

    P.S. I’m not a Banker and do not even intend to be one. I’m an Information and Internet Marker – and this is why I’m an authority in this issue

    • I also love Gtbank too, despite their shortcomings. I’m still their unofficial ambassador.

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